Thorlby Wesleyan Methodist chapel: A ‘Tin Tabernacle’ in North Yorkshire

North-east of Skipton in the small village of Thorlby stands a unique Wesleyan Methodist chapel built of corrugated iron - one of North Yorkshire's hidden gems. Although for how much longer this small chapel will remain standing hangs in the balance. This blog post doesn't dive into the chapel's history, largely because any substantial historical... Continue Reading →

All Saints North Street: Stained Glass Window Restoration and Preservation – Part 2

I was very pleased to see my first project update (posted 11.02.2021) was read by so many people directed through from Twitter. It isn't surprising that the on-going restoration of the church's medieval stained glass is of public interest, so as long as these updates keep being favourably received during lockdown, I'll keep them coming. I'm... Continue Reading →

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