All Saints North Street: Stained Glass Window Restoration and Preservation – Part 1

As life in the UK at the start of 2021 cruises quietly from one sombre month to another under lockdown 3.0, I expect that such a genuinely exciting piece of heritage news as the beginning of a major restoration project to preserve some of our country's best surviving medieval stained glass may have been lost... Continue Reading →

Finding the Medieval Facade of Wakefield’s Bridge Chantry Chapel

Wakefield district council describes its own post-industrial landscape as ‘a place of independent spirit, of rich heritage and culture’. With ‘beautiful outdoor spaces, historic woodland and country parks galore’, visitors are invited to ‘wander among the romantic ruins of medieval castles’. You may have to know your way around the area to tick each of... Continue Reading →

Guest Blog: St. Thomas Porch, Salisbury Cathedral

Text and images kindly contributed by Steve Dunn (15.07.2020). All images are the author’s own unless stated. Figure 6. credit here [accessed 15.07.2020]. St. Thomas Porch - Salisbury Cathedral Gone but not forgotten Figure 1. Salisbury Cathedral. At the consecration of Salisbury Cathedral on the 28th April 1258 the assembled dignitaries must have viewed the... Continue Reading →

Lost Churches of York: St. Mary-ad-Valvas

A lot of valuable research continues to inform our understanding of settlement and activity in the pre-Conquest city, but generally very little is known about the early churches in the central area of York. In the later 11th century York began to flourish and by c.1100 the number of new ecclesiastical foundations was well on... Continue Reading →

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